Money Vs Time

He’s picked out your ring, you’ve had the magical engagement and now it is time to plan the wedding of your dreams! Pinterest, Instagram and Youtube have become your best friends. Your head is full of all the ways to make this day the best wedding you have ever seen. Despite all the creative ideas, what is often missing from the blogs and the videos is the decision you’ll have to make between money and time. With the average wedding costing over $30,000 that is not something that most people just have laying around and that is not a figure that most people are willing to spend for one day. The tradeoff between time and money is something that should be heavily considered in the earliest stages of wedding planning. Here are some key things to consider when you are trying to determine if you are bride that is willing to spend more time over money or vice versa.

1)      Do you have the vision and support to DIY your way to the isle? If you are the ultimate visionary and have the friends, family etc to help you get all of the various projects complete, you can save thousands of dollars on décor. Be prepared for the projects to consume you!!!!

2)      If you are easily discouraged or overwhelmed, you may have to be willing to sacrifice your pockets for the professionals.

3)      Budget…Budget…Budget… More times than not, the budget will dictate what type of bride you’ll be. But learn to embrace that. No matter if you chooseyou may find how truly creative you’ll be and your capacity to expand your horizons on saving, décor and even event management.

4)      How firm are you on the magnitude of a wedding? If the answer is somewhere slightly above clueless, then you may need to allocate a greater portion of your budget to event planning, rentals, etc.

5)      How traditional or non-traditional are you and your fiancé willing to be for the day of? If the answer is more on the traditional side, you’ll probably be more attracted to vendors that have more market based rates. If you are air on the side of non-traditional then you may have more flexibility to research vendors that include film or culinary students, small businesses, Etsy or even

Regardless of where you end up on the spectrum keep in mind that this is not just a wedding but a marriage! Happy Planning!!!!