Squad Goals

You’ve decided not to elope or go to the local courthouse or your upcoming nuptials and now it is time to decide on the bridal party. For the women, they have been secretly been vying for their positions in your wedding for their entire lives! For many couples, especially the bride, this can be the most stressful part of the entire wedding process. The tips I have may not completely elevate the stress in picking the best team but it will provide you a better perspective on everything you’ll have to consider.

1)      Would you want to be at an all day party with these people?

Too many times you pick your friends or extended family out of obligation and end up regretting your choices. If you know the personality of a perspective member of the bridal party could conflict with other people or even with you, think twice before asking them.  Also, as the bride or groom you are the common thread and any issues that arise will tie back to you. If you are not some who handles conflict well, think long and hard about the combo.

2)      The bridal party is not for everyone

There are other ways to include people who may not make the cut. Planning, DIY, scripture readings, cooking, etc. are all ways that people can feel directly connected to the wedding.

3)      Money matters

Being a member of a bridal party is an awesome financial responsibility that some people are not prepared to undertake.  Depending on how lavish your wedding will be as well as the extent of the adjourning activities, it is important to keep that in mind when asking people to participate.

4)      Size Matters

Smaller bridal parties are actually more budget friendly for the bride and groom. With gifts for the bridal party averaging $75-$150 having a smaller party may help your pockets in the long run. Also, hidden costs like hotel rooms and rehearsal dinners and even transportation all should be considered.

No matter how big or small the bridal party, have fun and surround yourself with people who are willing to help you make this the best day possible!

Happy Planning!!