The Superpowers of a Day of Coordinator

Imagine getting a text that says, “I’ll be there in 10 mins and I have a huge stain on my dress”. I nearly dropped the phone! When the bride arrived, she had a bright orange stain on her gown. She was balling and I was internally freaking out! I head to the emergency kit and use the mini toothbrush to break up the stain and paper towels to attack the stain! We eventually got It removed and a MAJOR crisis was adverted and the wedding went off seamlessly! As a ‘Day of Coordinator that is my main objectives, remove any and every obstacle that would impede the progress of the special day! Here are a few more reasons why a “Day of Coordinator” is essential to a beautiful day!

1)      Another set of EYES and EARS

As Wedding and other major events go, everything is heightened! Emotions are on overload, and things can easily be missed! The “ Day of Coordinator” can come in and provide an OBJECTIVE set of additional eyes and ears. Also, coordinators are by nature detail oriented and can easily find any potential gaps that could cause problems on your big day!

2)      The intermediary

A wedding is a blending of 2 families and countless opinions! Weddings are the time where every single person from Mother of the Bride to the 4th cousin has an idea of how the day should go. As the Bride or Groom, the wedding day is the worst time to try to entertain new ideas especially from friends or family. The Day of Coordinator” can step in to act as the intermediary between you and the family! As the coordinator, one of our objectives is to make sure that your vision is brought to reality and limit the amount of distractions and that can include additional opinions. The coordinator is not just there to coordinate, but go between all the parties involved!

3)      The shield

My experience of being a bride is still so fresh that I remember how sensitive I was on that day! My mother shielded me from any and everything that could have broken me down that day! As a coordinator, I shield my clients as well. We shield our clients from late deliveries, broken rentals, stains, arguments, and more. I like to call it a “Wedding Day Fortress”.

4)      The interpreter ( The language of weddings)

As a coordinator, I speak 2 languages. 1 being “wedding vendor language” and the other being the language of the client! Many times, the client will have a vision that may be elaborate, or very detail focused but the translation of that is impossible! That is where I come in. I can work hand in hand with each vendor to coordinate the vision into a beautiful day and event!

5)      Coach and Quarterback

Game plan and execution is essential to the success of any event! Having a day of coordinator, you have a dedicated person to adapting while still executing the myriad number of details involved in the success of the day! The ability to adapt on the fly, pinpoint and problem solve all at the same time.


Happy Planning