Essential Steps to Planning the Perfect Party

Start with the hardest task

Most people think that the best way to begin planning is to get the easy tasks finished first. Tackling the most complex tasks first (Venue, guest list, bridal party) allows you to dedicate the right amount of time and effort into getting it completed in a timely manner. You will also be able to adjust for potential issues that may arise.

Save the easiest for last

By finishing the hardest things first, you will see how much easier it gets along the way.

Keep it simple

While trying to get the best deals, or have the most beautiful wedding, you’ll speak with countless vendors. While you may save a few dollars, you may lose track or drop the ball along the way! Try to bundle your services with one or two key vendors for a better deal or use the preferred vendors to see if discounts can be applied!

Gain momentum early in the process

Keeping your momentum is key to successfully planning an event. You can gain momentum by getting a large block of tasks accomplished. The other approach is to take the project management approach and assign a priority level for each task and start with the high priority issues!

Research twice; pay once

Research, Research, Research! That is the name of the game especially for a wedding. Impulse can be your worst enemy. Stay clear headed and surround yourself with a person/people who can be objective. You’ll thank yourself and your pockets will too!

Have fun

Find the fun in the process. Have fun trying new things, creating a beautiful day!

Go against the grain

The bridal business is highly visual and can be very trendy. Don’t be afraid to go with a vendor that may not be the most popular. Most wedding vendors are considered “small businesses” and will strive to give you the attention you need to make your day the most successful possible.