7 Questions to the Perfect Venue

People used to think the power of location only applied to finding the perfect home! Location is almost more important when talking about weddings! The location(s) of the wedding can make or break your experience on the special day! The beauty of the wedding market is that it is always growing, and new venues are becoming increasingly more available. What is most important is to find the venue that best suits your vision and needs for the big day. Here are 7 key questions to ask yourself and your prospective venue when you begin your search.

1)      Do you want 1 venue for both the ceremony and reception?

            a. While this is very convenient for your guests, look for a space that has the capacity                     to flip the rooms from ceremony to reception and is available for 7-8 Hours

            b. Ask how much staff would be working that day or if you are responsible to bring in                     your own vendors for set/tear down etc

2)  Do you want to bring in your own caterer/bar tender and alcohol?

            a.  Wedding venues make their money on the food and drinks and build those costs into                  the rental of the space.

            b.  To bring in your own vendors will greatly limit your search. But if that is a must-have,                  you’ll have to be a little creative

3)      What side of town do you prefer?

4)      What percentage of guests will be traveling to the wedding?

            a. If most of your guests will be coming in from out of town, a location close or near to                   hotels and or family that may be accommodating your guests is important

            b. Ask if the hotels provide shuttle service to your potential venue

            c. If you are having your event at multiple locations, consider the distance and how                        guests from out of town will travel around (MAJOR COST)

5)      Look at the list of preferred vendors; do they work for you?

            a. Every venue has a list preferred vendors. Check out the list to see if these vendors fit                 within your vision. That will determine if the venue is a viable option

6)      How much work are your prepared to do?

            a. The more grandiose or popular the space, the higher cost. If your budget allows, you                get a more expensive space that can offer you more services and will lower your work                load

          b. If your budget is tighter, find a more standard space that you can build up with                           beautiful flowers, centerpieces, and décor.

7)      When are you getting married?

         a. Spring is still the most popular season and venues know this. Most spaces adjust their                pricing for the season. If you have a more flexible date, compare the pricing per season

         b. Also, seasons predict availability. Consider a less popular month, to save on costs as                 well.

Happy Planning