7 Common and Disastrous Mistakes/Tips Guests Make at a wedding

Wedding season is in full swing the save the dates and the invitations will be flowing. While the bridal party, the family and the vendors all have designated responsibilities you as a guest have responsibilities as well. Here are 7 mistakes/tips to be an awesome guest!

1)  Follow the rules no matter how crazy they may be (Like not wearing white)

No matter if the rules are associated with the dress code or the use of cell phones, you are still a guest.  This could even be as simple as sending in your RSVP on time! Each couple may have very specific reasons for the requests that they’ve made and as a guest, you have a responsibility to help in making the day as special for the couple as possible.

2)   You are an accessory, not the main attraction

As a guest to the wedding, you are the ultimate role player. Don’t forget that with or without you, this day will go. Stay in your lane and help the happy couple have the fondest memories of their joyous day.

3)    Bring a good gift

As the pomp and circumstance of weddings continues to increase with the engagement parties, bridal showers, bachelorette parties and the wedding itself, being a guest can get expensive! Those pockets can get tight but thoughtfulness still counts. The gift of gift giving is a lost art but making sure you get something that couple will always remember or use frequently is crucial. Check Groupon, other websites for great deals! Also, gift cards will never go out of style!

4)   Don’t let the bar get the best of you

While I love an open bar, I also remember all the people who let those free drinks get the best of them and were the cause of utter SHENANIGANS! Don’t let that be you! Give yourself a limit and make sure to eat! You always want to keep it cute!

5)   Don’t assume anything

With the average cost of wedding topping $25,000 people are looking for any and every way to save money. As a guest, don’t’ assume anything! It’s better to ask if you can bring a date, or if there are specific food options than to assume!

6)   It may not work for you and that’s fine

This is really for the girls but every wedding may not be your cup of tea. I have gone to countless weddings that were not my style, or I saw where things could be different. But bad mouthing or giving bad vibes is literally the worst thing you could possibly do! Focus on the great time you could have and how honored you are to share in this couple’s special day!

7)    Have a good time!

Enjoy yourself! The goal of every couple is for their guests to have an awesome time! Remember, they have literally been planning this party for months with every single guest in mind! Embrace that!