“Will you be my bridesmaid”?

For most brides and grooms, the people in the wedding can make or break the entire wedding experience! The bridal party can help set the tone for the how wonderful or in some cases, exhausting and laborious the planning process can be. Despite, who you may ask, how you ask is just as important. The days of a phone call, or just a text have gone away! Creating a truly unique experience for your bridesmaids can help remind them how important that are in your life. Here are a few tips that can help you stay within budget, tap into your creativity, and create the dream team of bridesmaid(s) that you need to make this the wedding of your dreams!

1)      Don’t break the bank

With this being one of the first wedding purchases you have, you don’t want to set the wrong tone. First, determine how many bridesmaids you’ll and the max you’ll want to spend per person. I would suggest $25-40/person

2)   Creativity and sentimentality are invaluable

  A handwritten letter


 Monograms or Initials

3)     Conformity

 Get one item in common for the party

    Nail Polish

     Wine or Champagne (Mini bottles)


     Jewelry for the wedding

     Personalized shirts

4)      Pick a few of their favorite things

              Candy, Cookies, Starbucks. Let them know how much you know them!

5)      Have a back up

 Money, time and life in general can prevent someone you love from being in your wedding. Keep a name or two in your back pocket just in case.

6)      Have fun with it!


Congratulations and Happy Planning!!!