Themes are more than just colors

I can’t tell you how many I have attended a baby shower a birthday party a wedding and left with the feeling that something was missing. The colors may have all matched and the décor could have been all customized and detailed but that isn’t enough. As an event planner, one of the greatest components that is often not tangible is the feeling! When you are picking your colors, think on a large scale. Meaning, what will these colors look like on multiple bridesmaids, or décor to fill an entire room! Here is some inspiration for you! Let your color scheme inspire you!

Pretty Pastels

Pastels provide a great backdrop for a Spring or summer wedding! You can offset these colors with white flowers and gold or silver accents for a Beautiful soft pallet. And these colors are easy to find in dresses, fabrics and even bow-ties or ties!

Modern Neutrals

Neutrals are the new black! I have seen so many beautiful weddings using neutrals! If you have a large bridal party, or want to do lots of DIY décor, neutrals are a great option. With this being the popular trend, lots of vendors, cakes, floral artists, and event planners have an abundance of neutral options that fit any bride!

Rich and Bold

For the brides that are not easily moved by trends, and live for a good color option, this is a pallet for you! Rich colors can translate to beautiful table cloths, accents in flowers or cakes! Bold and Rich color schemes can work for any season, but look awesome in the Fall with the backdrop of fallen leaves!

Blushing Bride

Blush has quickly become “THE” wedding color! Blush is now considered a neutral and can work for any season, and can paired with any other color for a beautiful contrast or monochromatic touch!

Bright Lights

The bride who loves the lights may fall in love with this pallet bright and rich colors like yellow, aqua or ocean waves all work here! Get inspired with a water colored cake or jewel tone dresses

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