The Groom Checklist

As a groom, your role will be forever changing. But traditionally the wedding planning process is centered around the bride. Despite that, here is a checklist that can get you in the right direction and help to get the marriage journey off to a great start!

  • Be as supportive as possible by staying engaged in the process
  • Choose groomsmen who are not just friends or family, but will be responsible
  • Remember all the reasons why you love her
  1. She may be stressed, angry, scared, and display all the emotion that come with planning a wedding. You’ll see a side of her you don’t recognize
  • Remember that she is working to make this the best day possible for the both of you
  • Defend Her
  1. There may be some heated exchanges throughout the planning process and she will need backup
  2. Giving her that extra support will only help to make the process as be as smooth as possible, it will help her feel like you truly appreciate all the work she has been doing.
  • Get ahead of the curve.
  1. Do your own research on items like:
  2. Suit options (Styles/stores)
  3. Gifts for the groomsman
  4. Honeymoon
  5. Living Arrangements
  • Avoid the Groomzilla title

    The wedding is not the time to start being overly picky! Be clear on some of the the things that you would like to see. But the bride should be your main objective.

Most importantly……Have Fun and Happy Planning!