The Perfect Proposal

Engagement season is literally around the corner and you may already have the ring, the location, the cake, whatever it is, we are here to help you ensure all the details are executed! Here are a few of our helpful hints to ensure it is as beautiful as possible. Ladies, you can pass this along to your man for the ultimate hint!

1)      Location Location Location

          The phrase does not apply only to real estate but the proposal as well! When you are                  choosing a location for the proposal we suggest 3 lines of thought

             Go sentimental: by choosing a location that has great meaning for you both, like a first               date spot, a park you visit, family gathering or an activity that she loves!

            Go for the Photo: choose a location that photographs beautifully. Considering that                    Social Media is usually the 2nd “person” to know about the engagement that picture is              crucial! A park of roses, a downtown bridge or a stadium. This is for the drama!

            Super Romantic: This is for the super emotional high impact proposal. A restaurant, or              a  picnic, this location is all about the intimacy        

2)      Pictures must be taken

             If you’ve spent all your money on a ring, you may have to ask a friend to take that                       iconic photo, but one must be taken! If no one is there, it’s almost like it didn’t happen!

           Make sure whoever the photographer is, they are fully aware of the sequence of events,             so they can know when the big moment is occurring

3)      Solicit boots on the ground

          This could be her family, her best friend, whoever you know will be able to make sure                  her hair done, nails are fresh and her outfit is on point! You’ll be happy you did! Plus they            can tell you if she gets any inkling of what may be going on

      They can also help you create the master diversion to get her to the location on time                 and not a nervous wreck!

4)      Practice makes perfect

          YOU WILL GET NERVOUS and you don’t want to be fumbling around! Get some practice            on what you want to say when you propose, how you will get down on one knee, what              to say if she asks lots of questions

5)     Check the weather in case some back up plans needs to be added

6)      Enjoy the moment

            Your life is about to change from this moment moving forward so enjoy the moment!                  Live and embrace all that this day and the days to come will be!

Happy Planning!