The etiquette of a +1.....................

A wedding is considered one of the most important events of a person’s life! The happy couple wants to share this momentous occasion with the people who they love and care for the most! The save the dates, the invitations, food and drinks are all dependent on the number of guests! Friends, family, maybe coworkers all want to have a part in sharing this special day. Despite your desire to be a part of this day, your new girlfriend or boyfriend may not be able to easily tag along. As a guest, here some great tips to determine if that plus can be added!

1)      Check the invitation for the a plus 1 option. Most brides and grooms want to save as much money as possible, which includes the guest count. If there is no option for an additional guest, be prepared to come solo!

2)      If the couple doesn’t know your significant other, permission is needed! And remember who is running the show.


4)      If you can’t bring a plus one, ask the bride and groom to seat you at a table with some other single people. That’s a great way to have a great night!

5)      The same rules may not apply across the board. The couple and their families oversee who’s invited so there may be some favoritism applied.

6)      ALWAYS…….keep in mind that your attendance is to make the couple happy!