Professional Question Asker

One of my favorite jokes about myself is that I am a “Professional Question Asker.” As a naturally inquisitive person, my desire to truly understand everything drives this skill! Most people get annoyed with me by question 3 or 4 but I have mastered the art of brushing past that! The art of asking questions, is something that is so easily lost for so many brides! Being afraid of being annoying, or being overwhelmed by the magnitude of the event, can really leave a bride in the dark with tons of regret! Here are some really great questions that will help you better navigate the world of wedding planning!

1)      What is the vendor’s contingency plan for emergencies?

This will help you get on common ground with all your vendors and you will have the information you need to hold them accountable.

2)      What is your process in working with the other vendors for a given wedding?

Hopefully each vendor that you work with will have the ability to work seamlessly with the other vendors on that day. Getting a gauge for the way they work with others is vital in ensuring your stress level is as low as possible.

3)      What is the maximum number of guests that can fit in the space and does that include vendors?

Most halls/venues base maximum room capacity on everyone in attendance which will include vendors, children everyone! When you are determining how many people to invite to the wedding this is important to remember!

4)      Is there anything excluded from the rate(quote) provided?

Most vendors are very transparent with the quotes that they provide, but you as a bride may change your mind as you get closer to the big date. That is important to keep in mind if that changes the price you have to pay.

5)      Do you work with assistants or completely alone?

In order to capture every precious moment of that day photographers, videographers and even wedding planners may require an assistant. This may be billed into the cost, but ask to be sure!

6)      What is the latest dates changes can be made to the services provided?

Wedding time may make you very indecisive and you want to ensure that any and all changes won’t cost you an arm and a leg, or leave you feeling unhappy on that day!

7)      Are there restrictions on what other vendors can bring and/or do on the day of the wedding?

Some venues have catering fees, or photographers have restrictions on the types of cameras that can be at the event.

8)      Is there a separate fee for trials, consultations etc?

It all adds up!

9)      Can packages for services be amended or do they come as is?

Al Carte is one of the best ways to get a wide range of services, at a low cost. Ask if that is an option or if you have to go with the packages as they are.

10)   How do you accept payments?

Most vendors used for a wedding are small businesses and are looking for ways to save money. That includes the ways they process payments. Make sure you are clear on that so you can have your met set aside accordingly.