Bridal Self Care......

Studies show, that planning a wedding is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life! With everything that is required to have a successful wedding, STRESS may literally become your middle name! From finding the right vendors, to the fittings, and the family; it can all be very overwhelming. During this time, it can become very easy as a bride to get lost in the moment. These tips for self care can help you to maintain your sanity and successfully make it to the most important day of your life happy, healthy and ready to take on the world!

 Social Self Care

o   Call Loved ones:  Keep in touch with those who will encourage you
o Write Thank you letters: Maintaining a mindset of gratitude by writing letter of thanks to       yourself
o   Take a break: Don’t be afraid to take time off from the planning to center yourself

Emotional Self-Care

o   Write in a journal: Document your emotions in a journal

o   Ask for positive feedback: Look to friends and family for positive feedback during this time

o   Maintain/Create emotional outlets: Hobbies, Sports, writing…Anything that will allow you a       positive outlet for negative emotions

o   Create positive rituals: Meditation, Reading, Yoga. Allow yourself the time to keep these           rituals

Physical Self-Care

o Keep it healthy with a good diet: Not only do you have to fit into a dress, a healthy diet impacts your mental and physical health. Now is not the time to slack!

o   Exercise and physical activity: Local gyms, personal trainers, YouTube and Pinterest are all great ways to keep up the physical activity

o   Laugh Often

Mental Self-Care

o   Enjoy the silence: Find times to be still during this hectic time

o   Cross items off your list :Give yourself credit for getting little things accomplished

o   Take your mind off the task

Use these tips! Happy Planning!!!