I can’t tell you how many times, I have gone to an awesome event where the décor was beautiful, the food was great, but the cake, the cake was dry, and uninspired! The cake literally was the worst part of the event. Here at BurgundyGinger Events, as avid sweet eaters, we believe in the getting things right with the cake and here are a few tips on how to do so!

1)      Determine your budget and what type of cake you would like

a.       Before the process begins, decide how much you feel comfortable spending on your cake

b.       Decide if you want cupcakes, 2 tier, a grandiose cake etc or even all the above

2)      Get Options

a.       Narrow your choices down to 3 or 4 vendors based on photos you see online, referrals from friends, and websites like theknot.com

3)      Taste Around

a.       Despite the potential sugar rush and weight gain, don’t be afraid to do tastings with the vendors you have chosen to see if the cake really meets your expectations

b.       Check to see what packages, flavor options and design styles the various bakers offer

4)      Get a feel for their disposition

a.       It is important to get a feel for the disposition of the baker to see if having them share in your day will be the ideal fit

5)      Stay Local if you can

a.       Delivery of a cake can be a very tedious process, and shortening the delivery time by staying local can save you a potential headache on the day of your event

6)      Ask about emergencies and contingencies

a.       One thing that many people forget to ask is what the baker will do in case he/she is sick, or has emergency so you can know exactly what to expect.

Check out our preferred cake vendor www.justyouandmecakes.com for AWESOME cake!

Happy Planning!!!!