Hostess with the Mostess

Here at BurgundyGinger Events we turn any and everything into an event! Events make memories and memories last a lifetime! Loving events is not enough to make them successful; being able to successfully host them is an art form that can be learned. No matter if this if your very first holiday event, or you’re a veteran, here are some great tips for a joyous, beautiful and entertaining event!

The early bird gets the worm

Grocery shopping, cleaning, prep work and all the other things it takes to host an event, start as early as you can to limit the amount of stress you’ll be facing on the day of

   Be specific

  If you are asking your family and friends for help, be specific as possible. Often times, our loved ones “Just want to help” and will over step their boundaries which can actually hurt instead of help!

Know your guests

    Knowing the types of guests you’ll have at your event is very important.b.      Have different activities suitable for the wide range of guests that will be at your event

(i.e games for the kids, cards, Scattergories, Taboo, movies)

Know your limits

 Social media will have you believing that hosting a 50 person event takes a few minutes. We all know that’s not true! Knowing what you have the capacity to finish is vital.

 Don’t be afraid to small and make the events bigger as you get more experienced

 Live in the moment

   When hosting an event, we want everything to be perfect. Take time to enjoy the event. Eat some good food, have a drink and talk to your guests. The people you invited will remember how you made them feel more than the food they ate!

We hope this helps you have the best event possible! Happy Planning!!!!!