You Marry Them All

You are celebrating your 5 year Wedding Anniversary and the memories flood your mind! You remember the smells of the flowers and the smiles of all your closest families and friends. With all the positive memories also comes the thoughts of the way your videographer was unwavering their approach to getting the best shots. How your photographer and videographer seemed to be in competition with one another. That memory is firmly imprinted in your mind almost tainting your entire experience! Your wedding day was almost ruined by the very people that you paid to make it a great experience. The most unfortunate part of this story is that it is such a common occurrence that so many couples face during their wedding. Here are some helpful tips to help you better navigate through world of event vendors.

1)      Message boards and reviews don’t tell the whole story

In today’s day and age, the power of opinion is unprecedented. Review boards and websites provide a platform for any and every one to express their thoughts. It is important to remain as objective as possible when reading reviews. Don’t let the opinions of others be the gospel you live by.

2)      Research….Research….Research

When you are deciding on the variety of vendors for your given event, keep the research train going. This will take time but you will thank yourself in the end. Unfortunately many vendors bank off the emotion attached to the wedding at a high price. Don’t be afraid to price shop and compare, compare compare! You can’t be afraid to ask the right questions to get the answers that you need to get you in the right place for your special day.

3)      See your way clear

Your vendors have to be as certain about your vision as you are. You have to be willing to keep looking for the vendor(s) that best fits within that vision and not the other way around. It is important to look at your event as a story and each vendor you choose is illustrating each chapter.

4)      Meet your vendors before

It is important to meet with your vendors as many times as possible to really get a full understanding of the disposition of each vendor. Be as clear as possible of your expectations of them as possible and they can better understand you and your significant other.

Happy Planning